Challenge Genes
Riddles will increase your creativity

Human brain requires regular exercises just as any other part of your body. You may find it very difficult to start something new at first. However, there is nothing to worry because when you continue to try your brain tends to become fitter. Once your brain reaches a fitter state, you will find it very easy to undertake a task. This is the most important part of enhancing your memory.

Riddles and other "Thinking games" are games and exercises that help develop thinking skills and so boost your brainpower. Some brain games exercise memory, or test knowledge (usually trivia), some require analysis, creativity and imagination. Interlocking and disentanglements challenges your spatial and visual perception, improve your ability to concentrate and take well thought out steps to achieve goals.

In the 1800s, there was no established method for studying human sciences other that empirical knowledge. Riddles and trivia were not institutional methods for testing scholars or determine human nature or measure their intellectual functions.

Today, riddles are part of children's education and they serve to develop mental skills in handicapped children. Trivia and pictorial riddles are easy to understand for all kids, and yet fun and challengeable.

Brain teasers including puzzles, riddles, mazes and optical illusions are cool since they not only develop children's logical thinking and problem-solving ability but they will find out that sharpening one's brain is not at all boring. They also develop their self-confidence. When kids feel that they are smart or even smarter than their friends, they will not be afraid to try or experiment new things that are important in their growing up years.

Any simple activity that gets you thinking hard and working your mind is brain exercise. Your brain exercise pillar could be fulfilled simply by being really active in life, reading 20 minutes every night, or dedicating yourself to learning a new topic. Brain exercise does not have to be expensive; it just has to be SOMETHING. You could do a simple google search for "brain teasers" and do those. Brain teaser games force your brain to think the unusual and provide new solutions to a problem.

Sudoku is the most popular brainteaser and is a highly preferred online game to others. Apart from this, there are jigsaw puzzles and river crossing puzzles that can be very engaging and at the same time challenging too.

Memory for example is stored in the frontal and temporal areas of the brain, and you need to regularly stimulate these areas for it to remain active as well as functioning.

Sometimes there is a trick to the question that requires the brain to do some "out of the box" thinking. Other times, you just need to use good old logic and reasoning.

Research shows that our brains need challenge and stimulation in order to spur the growth of new neurons, and brain teasers are a good way to give our brains a little exercise. They also strengthen problem solving skills and encourage creativity - not to mention they're usually free and you can do them anywhere. Enjoy.
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